Russell - Wilson
Russell - Wilson, Matt - Ryan, Dan - Quinn, �� less one person, the Seahawks coach Peter - Carroll where to go? All four of these above, or in the Super Bowl shadow brought by Brady, Russell Wilson may automatically close the yardline in the 49th Super Bowl by closing his eyes every day while Horse Special - Ryan will never forget the 51st Super Bowl was 25 points reversed fear.

Before Tom Brady became the starting quarterback Cody Franson Jersey, New England Patriots had two Thanksgiving games, but failed. Probably strength or destiny, Brady led the Patriots in Thanksgiving but victory in World War III. The 2002 season against Detroit Lions, this is his first fight for Thanksgiving, 210 yards 0 touchdowns 1 steals performance is fair, but enough to help the team beat the poor male lion.

NFL Thanksgiving Day officially kicked off, Detroit lions sat at home vs. Minnesota Vikings. This is an infighting fight between the mighty Northland nations and the fifth Vikings guest in Detroit to attend the Thanksgiving Day Cody Hodgson Jersey. If you still have the impression, last year's Thanksgiving battle is the two teams play together, when the lion relied on playing the player Matt - Plett the last 4 seconds of free kick 16:13 lore opponent Dante Fabbro Jersey, the current Vikings 8 wins 2 negative lead the northern United League, Detroit Lions last round after the victory over the Bears 6 wins and 4 defend at any time ready to overtake the two are in the momentum of the team will collide what kind of sparks Nashville Predators Jerseys, Tencent Sports will bring this Live video game live, here is the look forward to this game, we take a look!
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Dwight Finney was selected by
Dwight Finney was selected by Indiana Colts in the first round of the 2002 draft and played a full 11 seasons for the Colts. Then lightning Pekka Rinne Jersey, Cardinals, Falcons, and the Seattle Seahawks this season were his fifth teams to play. In the 16 seasons of his career, Finney has taken a total of 125.5 sacks, ranking 17th in league history. Do not know the veteran Feni next stop, where will?

The 2014 season, the face of the Philadelphia Eagles good at Thanksgiving smashing field, the cowboys lost a 10-33. Romo suffered from back injuries only came 199 years of this campaign Harry Zolnierczyk Jersey, there are 2 interceptions, the state is not good. In the 2015 season, Romo played 8 games after the clavicle injury in Week 2 and Thanksgiving Day vs. Carolina Winning Panther was the only Game 2 after his comeback Cody Franson Jersey. Romo not only thrown out in the first half 3 times interception which was 2 times back to attack touchdowns, but also before the end of the third quarter again hurt the clavicle ... This battle has also become a Romo's Thanksgiving. The following year Yannick Weber Jersey, Romo will be due to injury at least 10 weeks before the lack of war, rookie quarterback Duke - Prescott seize the opportunity to succeed. In this year, however, Romer chose to flee his career and is currently shining in commentary.

Review Romo's Thanksgiving campaign history, although a bit high downturn trend, but 6 wins and 3 losses record is still worthy of the title of eating chicken experts. At the same time he was elected 4 Thanksgiving Day MVP, 2338 yards 18 touchdowns total pass data is still ranked first in Thanksgiving history, if there is Thanksgiving Hall of Fame, he must be the first selected.
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Seahawks defensive coordinator
Seahawks defensive coordinator Chris Richard expressed his appreciation for Finney's performance last week, and he played a large role in the field, blocking a lot of the impact and said his presence has largely helped the Seahawks Other defensive player.

Richard said: "Fenney's performance is fantastic Matt Irwin Jersey.He is a veteran player, he has been in these games all the time .His appearance really gave great help to other players, this is his life with He has achieved such a success because he is ready for the game, he also knows how to take care of his condition P.K. Subban Jersey, his on-court preparation, obviously his training habits, and Many other things, these are all things he can share, so when he played in the game, he did so, and this is what we see, he is a real professional player.

But the Thanksgiving work for the next few years is not that simple. Roma in 2010 because of the clavicle injury ended the season ahead of schedule, the cowboy is also in the absence of his 27-30 defeat to the New Orleans saints, ending Thanksgiving four straight. 2011 Cowboys with Dan - Bailey's push shot lore 20-19 win over the Miami Dolphins, 2 Timothy Rodeo steals twice Viktor Arvidsson Jersey. Although Romo in 2012 Biao out of 441 yards, led the team in the fourth quarter behind the launch of a 24-point counterattack, but ultimately powerless to 31-38 to No Carter Hutton Jersey. 2 eye-catcher Robert - Griffin III led Washington Redskins. The 2013 season they once again encountered surprise raid on Thanksgiving Day, completed in 7-21 after the comeback, 31-24 to win, then no one can think of it, this is actually Romo for the cowboy win the last Thanksgiving battle!
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Chase cut records are also very close
Chase cut records are also very close. Panthers celebrity midfielder Luke Kikelli (2015), Patriots veteran David Wedendi (McCoy) (2010) and Seahawks legend Cape Verde Richard Sher Sherman (2014) Have had 2 sacks in a single game in the Thanksgiving race Taylor Beck Jersey, along with the other 22 players who have retired, tied for history first. Lion Age Hall of Fame II Dick - Rebecca Father in the sixties and seventies seven Thanksgiving race five sacks Olli Jokinen Jersey, ranking first in history. Sack 5 seemingly small, but dusty 40 years. Vikings 39-year-old veteran cornerback Terence - Newman had 9 years in the cowboy has 3 sacks. This year, the Vikings also happen to play, Newman, who has not been sacked this season, may be able to challenge the record, considering his age and the chances of running out.

Not only that, some people see the chiefs lost to the Giants, put ahead ruthlessly saying that the current 6 wins and 4 defeats fear is to enter the playoffs Shea Weber Jersey. But please do not Kansas City Chiefs team sad, after all, they are only the first time by the giant god ball defeated. However, this scene is very similar, we can ask Brady and his patriots, after all, they may have been treated more than once by the Giants.

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan's No. 2 jersey has become one of the nation's most well-known rugby league numbers. Like some things somehow doomed Rich Clune Jersey, among Matt-Ryan's family, 2 is indeed their lucky number.
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